Meeting Minutes Form

Below is a “Meeting Minutes” form for anyone to use in case you are asked to fill-in for the secretary. I would suggest that you bring a recorder for the business meeting as it can get complicated. Another suggestion is to people who make announcements or motions to email you a copy of what they said.


Meeting Date: ________________
Called to order at: ____________ Location: ____________________
Presiding officer: _________________________
Invocator/CLE : _________________________________
Officers’ Reports
Committee Reports:


Unfinished Business:


New Business:


Correspondence & Announcements:


Toastmaster: ____________ Theme _________
Grammarian: ________________Word: __________
Time Keeper:______________________________
Vote Counter: _____________________________
Ah Counter: ______________________________
Camera Op: ___________________________
Table Topics: _________________________
Speakers and Evaluators

Spkr 1:___________________Evaluator 1:_____________________________
Spkr 2:___________________Evaluator 2:____________________________
Spkr 3:___________________Evaluator 3:____________________________
Spkr 4:___________________Evaluator 4:____________________________

Gen Eval: _____________________Joke Master: _______________________

Most Improved: ________________Best Table Topics: ____________________
Best Evaluator: ________________ Best Speaker________________________
Meeting Rating ______ Meeting adjourned at____________
Minutes submitted by ________________________

Others in Attendance: ____________________________________________


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