Competent Leader Evaluator: Evaluating an Evaluator under Pathways

The CLE is responsible for evaluating those performing a leadership activity during the meeting. If the member is in the traditional education program, then the evaluation will be documented in the Competent Leadership manual. If the member is in Pathways, the member is responsible for printing out and bringing the CLE their evaluation form.

The evaluation form for the evaluator role is three pages long in the Pathways program. The first page includes an area to document general comments, such as what the evaluator excelled at, areas of improvement, and ways to challenge themselves in the future. The second page asks the CLE to rate the evaluator on skills such as vocal variety, clarity, etc. It also has space for comments on each of these skills. The last page is a key that helps the CLE fill out the second page, providing the level of competency for each score of each skill.

Because Toastmasters has moved to a more comprehensive review form of evaluators, the CLE may not be able to perform more than one of these evaluations, especially if it is for back to back evaluations. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help. The Toastmaster or General Evaluator can find another member to assist.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the VPE if you have any questions.

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Speechcraft Program – Oct. 3rd

South County Toastmasters is presenting a Speechcrafters Program for anyone who is interested in learning public speaking. Learning public speaking can be rewarding in both a personal and professional way.

Course info:
Speechcrafters sponsored by South County Toastmasters
Location: MetLife Building, 13045 Tesson Ferry Rd, St. Louis, MO 63128
Dates: Wednesdays for 5 weeks, October 3, 10, 17, 24, and November 7. There will be no session on Halloween, Oct 31.
Time: 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm
Costs: $30.00 total, all of which can be applied to a regular membership in South County Toastmasters if desired.

Contact: Jim @ 314-706-6434 (leave a message)
or email

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Meeting Minutes 9-12-18

Meeting Minutes
South County Toastmasters (#1957)


Meeting Date:                      Sep. 12, 2018

Meeting Type/Theme:        Regular Meeting – Theme:    Music that Inspires

Meeting Location:               Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                   7:00 PM

Presiding Officer:                Brent Stewart, President


Officer Reports:

  • President – Brent Stewart – No corrections to the meeting minutes from last week. Approved as submitted.


  • President – Brent Stewart –  no report


Committee Reports:

  • Kathy Denton reported on the club picnic: it will be held Sunday, Sep 23, from 2:00 to ? at Crestwood Park:  9737 Meadowfern Dr. St. Louis, MO 63126 (note: please Google map it because it can be hard to find if this is your first visit). $100.00 total has already been appropriated for the picnic. $45.00 for the permit and $55.00 for the food. Chapter members are to bring potluck.


Unfinished Business:

  • The vacancy at the position of Sgt. At Arms was filled by Tom Boyland, unanimously accepted. Other Toastmasters are encouraged to assist him both before and after the meeting.


New Business:

  • It was decided not to have a meeting on Halloween, Oct. 31.
  • Stephan Baker was accepted as a new member effective October 1. Sarah Pitkin is his temporary mentor until a full-time mentor can be assigned.

Correspondence and Announcements:

  • Geofff King asked if anyone wanted to be a Toastmaster Area Director. There is an opening in Geoff’s Division and he will be your division governor.


  • The six month dues of $51.00 are due by October 1. Make checks payable to South County Toastmasters – give or mail the check to Bill Hurston.


  • There is an Executive Committee meeting scheduled for Sep 19 at 6:00 p.m.


  • Jim Salih: Speechcraft runs on Wednesdays, Oct, 3, 10, 17, 24, skipping October 31, with graduation on November 7. Time: from 6:00 pm until the regular meeting starts. The session will be held in a different part of our meeting area. $30.00for non-members with all money being used towards membership if the participant joins. The course is free to members.
  • See Mary K Spencer to get a youth enrolled in her Youth Leadership which starts soon. They run on Tuesday nights at 7:00 at Phil Gawlak’s Achieve Wellness business.





Meeting Roles:


Toastmaster: Sarah Pitkin
Greeter:   Howard Brandt
Invocator / CLE:  Sandy Dickson
Grammarian:  Bill Hurston
Time Keeper:  George Kiser
Vote Counter:  Kathy Denton
Ah Counter:  Debbie Young
Camera Operator: Geoff King
Table Topics:  Vic Mattison
Competent Leader Evaluator:  Sandy Dickson (same as above)
General Evaluator:  Brent Stewart
Joke Master:  Sean Sheehan

Speakers and Evaluators:


  Speakers Evaluators
1  Jerry Paul  Rob VanWinkle
2  Susan McConnell  Mary K Spencer
3  Tom Boyland  Tom Terrific
4  Stephan Baker  Jim Salih



Most Improved: Tom Boyland
Best Table Topics: Sandy Dickson
Best Evaluator: Tom Terrific
Best Speaker: Susan McConnell



Meeting Rating:      9.55 (yes it is a 9.55, don’t ask)


Schedule for Next Week’s Meeting:


Meeting Adjourned:            8:55 pm


Members Present:

Baldwin, Melissa  
Bettag, Jack  
Bold, Janet  
Boyland, Tom   x
Brandt, Howard   x
Broida, Jean  
Bubash, James  
Collier, Bill  
Denton, Kathy   x
Dickson, Sandy   x
Duncan, Stacy  
Fetter, John  
Gawlak, Phil  
Hartupee, Anne  
Hendrickson, Carl  
Hurston, Bill   x
Kaiser Jr, Max  
King, Geoff   x
Kirby, Alan  
Kiser, George   x
Kutell, Adam  
Mattison, Victor   x
McConnell, Susan   x
Mestdagh, Laurie  
Paul, Jerry   x
Perper, JD  
Pitkin, Sarah   x
Puskarich, Rich  
Roll, Sandy  
Salih, Jim   x
Schafroth, Kate  
Sheehan, Sean   x
Shields, Dick  
Sowers, Judy  
Spencer, Mary K   x
Stewart, Brent   x
Terrific, Tom   x
VanWinkle, Robert   x
Winheim, Steve  
Young, Debbie   x
Zafer, Adila  
Stephan Baker   x


Attendance:  19 / 41 members present – 46 % attendance

Visitors:   Donna Jordan, Stephan Baker (who joined the club this night)   Julio Oliveria, John Keith

Documented by: Jim Salih and submitted by Sandy Roll, Secretary

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Major Stephan Baker – Newest Member

major-stephan-800Congratulations to Major Stephan Baker for joining SCTM. He prefers to be called Stephan in the club.

He not only joined last Wednesday, but he also agreed to fill-in as a speaker and did a great job.

Shown with him is our VP of Membership – Sarah Pitkin.

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Faith Over Fear In Just One Year

By Mary K Spencer
“This question’s for you,”  Table Topics Master said.
I closed my eyes and lowered my head.
Couldn’t he ask someone else instead?
My body tensed with instant dread.
“When have you practiced  FAITH OVER FEAR?”
“Oh, that’s easy,”  I said with a cheer.
“It’s happening now, it’s happening here,
ever since I joined Toastmasters last year.”
Public speaking caused me terror.
 I was always afraid that I’d make a huge error.
But since I’ve learned some tricks of the trade,
some of those fears are starting to fade.
Peace and serenity can be within reach.
My faith became stronger after my first speech.
With positive feedback, my confidence grew.
Here’s my personal story, I’ll share it with you.
My first Toastmaster meeting was an open house.
I came alone , without my spouse.
Not really sure what I thought I’d find,
I joined that night. “Had I lost my mind?”
I had little faith, but plenty of fear!
Could I manage to speak without drinking a beer?
Could I face the crowd without shedding a tear?
What in the world was I doing here?
I stressed myself out with each role that  I played.
You’d think it was a test and I was getting a grade.
Pages and pages and pages of notes,
and that was just practice for counting the votes!
I enjoy my role when I serve as the greeter.
I like to meet people, what could be sweeter?
CLE can be a bit much,
but Invocation has a really nice touch.
Grammarian words are not used everyday.
They improve our vocabulary, or so they say.
I learn to think quickly on my feet.
To add in the word without missing a beat.
Wizards are known for casting a spell.
Our wizard of ahs merely rings a bell.
Now that’s a role I can handle well!
Camera operation takes technical skill.
For that role I take an anxiety pill.
Technology skills are foreign to me.
When it comes to mechanics, I’m ADD.
The timer’s role you’d think would be easy.
But sometimes it makes me a little queasy.
I find myself in a bit of a plight
because sometimes I forget to turn on the light.
Geez, can’t I get anything right?
When the Table Topics Master calls on me,
I lose all sense of spontaneity.
Seems I always have a great suggestion.
Unfortunately it’s someone else’s question
My answers are always clever and fun,
When I finally think of them, my turn is done.
The joke master role is my favorite of all.
I’ve been telling jokes since I was 3 feet tall.
The joke can be corny or just be a pun.
Doesn’t matter to me, I think they’re all  fun.
The Toastmaster role I thought would be rough.
But the evaluations are a lot more tough.
I need more time to write things down.
My notes are disorganized and scattered around.
It takes me time to gather my thoughts.
When it’s time to speak, I’m all distraught.
I look for the positives in people I see.
Constructive criticism is hard for me.
But I learn from the Masters as I hear them critique.
I’m slowly finding some areas to tweak.
My icebreaker speech made me a nervous wreck.
Now, I ‘m chilled out and think “oh, what he heck?”
At the beginning I was really scared.
Now, I find, I’m much more prepared.
I tried to memorize every line.
Now I use que cards, they work out just fine.
I’d memorize phrases and sip some wine.
Now I drink coffee, guess that’s a good sign.
I’d stand on the stage, my feet flat on the ground.
Now I’m comfortable walking around.
I learned to use gestures and facial expressions.
Not always sure they make the right impressions.
I’ll practice them more at my therapy sessions.
I started out just wanting to run.
Now I’m really having fun.
Thanks to my colleagues, they’re patient and kind.
Without their support I’d have lost my mind.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t have far to go,
but that, I’m sure, they already know.
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Speech – A Stubborn Problem

One of our newest members, Bill Hurston, gave a very interesting and thought provoking speech at a recent meeting.

Luckily we did a video to share with the rest of the club.

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Meeting Minutes 9-5-18

Meeting Minutes
South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date:                   9/5/18

Meeting Type/Theme:  Regular Meeting – Theme:    Music

Meeting Location:           Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                                7:00 PM

Presiding Officer:             Brent, President


Officer Reports:

  • President – Brent Stewart – No corrections to the meeting minutes from last week. Approved as submitted.


Committee Reports:

  • Kathy Denton – Picnic September 23rd, Crestwood Park.


Unfinished Business:

  • None


New Business:

  • Brent Stewart reported that JD Perper will not be able to carry out his duties as Sargent in Arms due to health reasons. There will be an election for that position next week. If no one volunteers the Officer at Large, Rob Van Winkle, will step in to carry out those duties.


Correspondence and Announcements:

  • Debbie Young announced Susan McConnell achieved her Competent Leader and Advanced Communicator Awards. John Fetter achieved Level 1 of Visionary Communications in Pathways.


  • Geoff King announced there is an open director position at the region level. Members can speak with Geoff to obtain details.


  • Tom Krauska- suggested we purchase a new projector. The Executive Committee will review the recommendation during the Board meeting September 19th.


  • Jim Salih announced October 3rd is the first Speech Crafters meeting. Classes will be conducted every Wednesday except Halloween. 4 week classes. Graduation November 7th. No charge for members who need it. For non-members there is a $30 fee.


  • Mary Kay – Youth Leadership Class starts September 25th. The class runs 8 weeks. 5 individuals have signed up so far and additional details will be forthcoming.


Meeting Roles:


Toastmaster: Jim Salih
Greeter:   Vic M
Invocator / CLE:  Brent Stewart
Grammarian:  Geoff King.

Word of the evening was Apathetic, which was used 11 times.

Time Keeper:  Susan McConnell
Vote Counter:  Steve Winheim
Ah Counter:  Rob Van Winkle – 20 filler words were used.
Camera Operator:  Tom Terrific
Table Topics:  Kathy Denton
Competent Leader Evaluator: Brent Stewart
General Evaluator:  John Fetter
Joke Master:  Victor Mattison

Speakers and Evaluators:

  Speakers Evaluators
1  Howard Brandt Anne Hartupee
2  Bill Hurston Sandy Roll
3  George Kiser Sandy Dickson
4  Mary Kay Spencer Rich Puskarich


Most Improved:  Mary Kay Spencer
Best Table Topics:  Tom Terrific
Best Evaluator:  Rich Puskarich
Best Speaker:  Bill Hurston

Meeting Rating:                 9.0

Schedule for Next Week’s Meeting: On-line

Meeting Adjourned:  8:56            pm

Members Present:


Baldwin, Melissa  
Bettag, Jack  
Bold, Janet  
Boyland, Tom  
Brandt, Howard  
Broida, Jean  
Bubash, James  
Collier, Bill  
Denton, Kathy  
Dickson, Sandy  
Duncan, Stacy  
Fetter, John  
Gawlak, Phil  
Hartupee, Anne  
Hendrickson, Carl  
Hurston, Bill  
Kaiser Jr, Max  
King, Geoff  
Kirby, Alan  
Kiser, George  
Kutell, Adam  
Mattison, Victor  
McConnell, Susan  
Mestdagh, Laurie  
Paul, Jerry  
Perper, JD  
Pitkin, Sarah  
Puskarich, Rich  
Roll, Sandy  
Salih, Jim  
Schafroth, Kate  
Sheehan, Sean  
Shields, Dick  
Sowers, Judy  
Spencer, Mary K  
Stewart, Brent  
Terrific, Tom  
VanWinkle, Robert  
Winheim, Steve  
Young, Debbie  
Zafer, Adila  

Attendance:  19/ 41 members present – 46 % attendance
Visitors:   Steffen Baker,
Submitted by Sandy Roll, Secretary

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