President’s Meeting Script

Presidential Script

  1. Check to see if the Secretary is in attendance – do we need a replacement?


Thank you ______________________________ fellow TM’s and guests.

Our Invocation and pledge of allegiance will be led by:________________________________________

30 second monologue. (Express humor, a story, enthusiasm – start the meeting off on the right tone.)

I’d like to introduce our guests:

Would you mind standing and tell us what brought you here to SCTMs.

___________________________      _______________________________

___________________________      _______________________________

Business meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting have been emailed out to all members.

Are there any corrections to the minutes?

There being no correction ( or no further corrections) [tap gavel]-
-the minutes stand approved ( or approved as corrected.)

Do we have any officers reports?
(You don’t need to go around the room and ask every officer. If they have a report they will raise their hand.)

Committee reports?________________________________________________________________


Unfinished Business?__________________________________________________________


New Business?_________________________________________________

Correspondence and announcements?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This will conclude the business portion of the meeting.

Our Toastmaster this evening is ____________________________________

(Do a 15 second introduction of the new Toastmaster.)

Please help me welcome _______________________________________________________


President’s Closing

The next weeks schedule will be read by Educational Vice-President_______________________________

We’d like to hear some comments and remarks by our guests.

What did you think of the meeting?

__________________________________          _____________________________________

_________________________________          _____________________________________

Any additional comments by members.

Closing remarks by President. – Just a 15 second quote, story or inspirational thought.

This meeting is adjourned.


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