New Club Projector

projector-01projector-02Benq MW526ae is the model number of the new club projector.
Here are a few key tips. Pages refer to the User Manual

  • This projector will take either VGA or HDMI inputs. The club has both cables.
  • If you have a Mac or Chromebook, you will need to bring your own adapter.
  • Keystone – corrected via Menu. – pg.29
  • Audio – If you want good audio, it has an Audio Out port. You will need to provide your own amplifier or connect it to the club’s amplifier. Test this out ahead of time.
  • While it has a remote, you don’t have to use it. You can use the Menu Button.
  • The Auto button is to get the best resolution when using a VGA cable.
  • ECO Blank is used to blank the screen. – pg.41
  • Source – allows you to choose the correct video source.
  • Turn Off – press the power button twice – wait approximately 2 minutes before you unplug it. – pg.44
  • Brightness Mode can be chosen from the Menu – pg.43
  • Menu – allows control of projector functions – pg. 45-48



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