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2015 World Championship Speech

Here’s the video of the 2015 World Champion –┬áMohammed Qahtani – “The Power of Words.” Business Insider also did a nice interview with him which has the speech included.

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Leo Buscaglia – Great Speaker

You’ve probably never seen or met Leo, but I had the privilege of knowing him and it was amazing. If you want to be a great passionate speaker, see what Leo does and try to incorporate it into your speeches.

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Speech by Colin Powell

This speech by Colin Powell is a good one to learn from. It’s from a Ted Talk – “Colin Powell: Kids need structure.” He uses humor – visual aids – stories – a bit of exaggeration and a nice summary. … Continue reading

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Good Speakers to Imitate and Emulate

I was walking on my treadmill today watching some of the speakers on Ted Talks. The speakers were all not only interesting in what they said, but were all accomplished speakers. They all were standing in front of a large … Continue reading

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Ed Foreman – Great Speaker to Watch

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Speakers on YouTube – Leo Buscaglia

Leo Buscaglia is my favorite speaker of all time. He speaks from the heart with clarity and emotion, but he’s also well-prepared and can give a one hour speech without the use of Power Point. You don’t see that much … Continue reading

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