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Vocal Variety Tips from Stacy Duncan

Stacy Duncan gave a very informative speech last week, titled “The Four P’s to a Presentation.” In it, she offered multiple exercises to help us improve our vocal variety. Write Out Loud is the website reference she used for a … Continue reading

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Kissing the Microphone and Testing Beforehand

At a recent charity auction I noticed two distinct ways to hold a microphone and two distinct and different results. One speaker held the microphone close to his lips – almost as if he was kissing the microphone. He was … Continue reading

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How to Have Great Vocal Variety and Hand Gestures

I’m always amazed at how we start out so open and vocal and free to move and gesture. Somehow though many of us lose those qualities over time. Watch these two kids and learn.

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Vocal Variety with Dee

Dee reminds us that we use vocal variety all during the day. Just remember to use those same vocal inflections in your next speech.

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