South County Toastmasters are friendly, involved men and women from all backgrounds who are not only interested in improving their own communication and leadership skills but are equally interested in helping others, no matter what their current skill level. At Toastmasters, we learn to improve our listening, thinking, and speaking skills in a very supportive, non-threatening, fun environment. Our club has consistently helped inexperienced, timid speakers become good, confident public speakers, and we have seen good speakers become even better speakers.

“I can always count on a member to give supportive feedback. This supportive feedback helps motivate, inspire me, and most importantly, helps me grow.”

Callie Koehr

benefits of south county toastmasters membership

  • Increase self confidence in public speaking
  • Develop strategic leadership skills
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills through meeting participation
  • Expand personal and professional management skills
  • Enhance listening skills

responsibilities of south county toastmasters membership

  • Commitment to attend weekly meetings
  • Fulfill assigned roles for each meeting or find a replacement if you are unable to fill the role
  • Support fellow SCTM members by providing feedback on various roles they have filled
  • Pay dues.  There are options available to those who need assistance.
  • Be open-minded to new opportunities to expand your skills
  • Have fun during the learning process

“For me, Toastmasters has influenced every facet of my life. It has given me valuable tools for my academic and professional life, enriched my current friendships and let me build new relationships with many interesting and like-minded individuals.”

Patrick Hunt


When you become a member of South County Toastmasters, a mentor will be assigned to help you get started. The mentor will assist the new member with: establishing goals, learning about membership in the club, developing their first few speeches, and encouraging the new member to service in meeting roles. The mentor and mentee will determine how often to meet according to their schedules and the needs of the new member.

“Toastmasters is the perfect “laboratory” in which one can develop or refine advanced communication skills and flex important leadership muscles. Being part of a strong Toastmasters group provides the support, coaching and structure required to make this happen. It is encouraging, rewarding and pretty darn fun.”

Victor Mattison


New member dues are pro-rated based on the month you join. 

November/May  $94.00
December/June  $81.00
January/July  $68.00
February/August  $56.00
March/September  $43.00

After joining, dues are $76.00 every six months, payable in April and October.
Note – past members don’t have to pay the TI Membership fee of $20.00

“South County Toastmasters has helped me gain confidence in speaking in front of an audience. It has also helped me develop listening and leadership skills through the support of the club members. I have applied these skills to all aspects of my life, both professionally and personally.”

Susan McConnell

membership application

Ready to join? Complete this form and forward to our club. We will make arrangements to collect your dues.