Benefits and Responsibilities

South County Toastmasters Provides You With These Benefits.

1. Toastmasters is a unique means of learning and improving your communicative abilities within an atmosphere of fellowship and fun with your fellow club members.

2. You have unlimited opportunities for personal and occupational advancement based on improved abilities and expanded experiences.

3. You gain experience in leadership development through training and involvement.

4. You receive professionally prepared educational materials and resources on speaking, listening, discussion, parliamentary procedure, audio-visual techniques and conference and meeting procedures.

5. You receive The Toastmaster Magazine every month. The Toastmaster provides new insight on communication techniques, ideas and opinions.

6. You experience increased confidence, ability to organize logical thoughts and present them self-assuredly, and a better understanding of human relations.

7. A personal coach is assigned to you to help you through your first six months of membership.

8. Membership includes affiliation with one of the top clubs in an internationally renowned educational organization.

 Your Responsibilities As a South County Toastmaster

1. Assist fellow members in developing their communication and leadership abilities as you develop your own.

2. Contribute as a Toastmasters team member. We are consistently the best club in the district because of the activities of our members. An organization can do great things when all members pull together as a team. We ask that you accept committee assignments, make suggestions and consider becoming an officer to help our club continue its high standard of excellence.

3. Share your Toastmasters experience by telling others about the program, bringing them to meetings and inviting them to join.

4. Attend meetings. You cannot gain anything from us, nor can we benefit from you, unless you attend meetings. We encourage your attendance at all meetings even when you are not scheduled on the program.

5. Perform your scheduled assignments. The Toastmaster’s motto is, “We learn by doing”. If you don’t fulfill your assignment, you do not learn, and you disrupt the program. If you are not able to perform as assigned, get a fellow member to take your place and notify the Toastmaster for that week about the change. Should you plan to be absent for a period of time, advise the Vice-President of Education so your name can be omitted from the schedule.

6. Do your best. No one in Toastmasters is expected to be perfect. We are all learning and improving. It is important that you prepare for each assignment. You will benefit from Toastmasters in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put forth.

7. Dress in a manner that is consistent with the professional environment of our club.

8. Adhere to the norms of good taste. No material should be presented that could be offensive to some of our members. When in doubt, ask your coach.

9. Have Fun! Our meetings are fun. The founder of Toastmasters, Dr. Ralph Smedley, has said, “We learn best in times of enjoyment.” We agree. Our meetings are upbeat and our members are optimistic. We ask you to contribute to our positive meeting atmosphere.


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