If you cannot attend a meeting, it is YOUR responsibility to get another Toastmaster to take your place. If you do get a replacement let the Toastmaster/GE know and also the VP of Ed.

If you are the TOASTMASTER of the week, contact each Speaker, the Invocator, Table Topics Master, Joke Master, Hot Seat, and GENERAL EVALUATOR to confirm their participation at the meeting. (Note – if you use Turbobase to send out the reminders, Turbobase does not send out reminders to the Competent Leaser Evaluator.)
If you are the GENERAL EVALUATOR of the week, contact each Evaluator, the Comp. Leader Evaluator, the Grammarian, Timekeeper, Vote Tabulator, Ah Counter, Greeter and Video Operator to confirm their participation at the meeting.

Note – when there are schedule changes the VPE is going to keep an updated schedule on The TM and GE should check there for the most updated schedule.



Meeting Date and Time : 16 August 2017, 7:00pm

Toastmaster : Domian, Dave
Table Topics Master : Terrific, Tom
General Evaluator : VanWinkle, Robert
Grammarian : Sheehan, Sean
Timer : Jennings, Sera
Speaker 1 : Pitkin, Sarah
Speaker 2 : Carrillo, Susan
Speaker 3 : King, Geoff
Speaker 4 : Haparimwi, Nancy
Speaker 5 :
Evaluator 1 : Palusci, Joumana
Evaluator 2 : Sullivan, Tim
Evaluator 3 : Hendrickson, Carl
Evaluator 4 : Foster, Ginny
Evaluator 5 :
Camera Operator : Graves, James
Innvocator / CLE : Kaiser Jr, Max
Jokemaster : Salih, Jim
Hot Seat : Kutell, Adam
Greeter : Sowers, Judy
Vote Counter : McConnell, Susan
Ah Counter : Paul, Jerry


Meeting Date and Time : 23 August 2017, 7:00pm

Toastmaster : King, Geoff
Table Topics Master : Spencer, MaryK
General Evaluator : Hendrickson, Carl
Grammarian : Foster, Ginny
Timer : Schafroth, Kate
Speaker 1 : Graves, James
Speaker 2 : Mattison, Victor
Speaker 3 : Kaiser Jr, Max
Speaker 4 : Young, Debbie
Speaker 5 :
Evaluator 1 : McConnell, Susan
Evaluator 2 : Stewart, Brent
Evaluator 3 : Pitkin, Sarah
Evaluator 4 : Kiser, George
Evaluator 5 :
Camera Operator : Salih, Jim
Innvocator / CLE : Sheehan, Sean
Jokemaster : Brandt, Howard
Hot Seat : Sowers, Judy
Greeter : Gawlak, Phil
Vote Counter : Palusci, Joumana
Ah Counter : Schafroth, Kate


August 30th – Speech Contest


4 Responses to Schedule

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  2. robert allen says:

    I live in Fenton Missouri. I work for a local firm. I give presentations often. I could use improvement in this area. How do I attend?
    Thank You
    Robert Lee Allen

    • Gina Willard says:

      Hi Robert,

      Just show up at the Met LIfe Building (address is on the top of this page) on pretty much any Wednesday (we cancel meetings for some holidays) just before 7:00 pm. Sign in at the front desk and either ask the guard at the desk or a fellow toastmaster for directions on where the toastmaster meeting is that evening as we change rooms. The meeting lasts until about 9:00 pm. Join us any week! You are always welcome!

      Gina Willard

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