Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Forum is a civic service project of South County Toastmasters designed to provide civic, religious and other community organizations with information on a number of topics of general interest to the public.

To schedule a speaker, at no charge, call at least two weeks in advance.  Due to the demand for speakers, please indicate at least three topics in order of preference and The Speakers Forum will try to accommodate your request.

Please note that the speakers will present ideas and opinions that are their own. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Toastmasters International or South County Toastmasters.

Contact: Tom Terrific at 314-827-6114 to schedule a speaker.


“Developing Leaders” by Carl Hendrickson

A look at leadership. What is a leader, and how does one develop that unique skill of “leadership?”  Whether one runs a small business or heads a major corporation, it is important that leaders are developed who can provide the guidance necessary for present and future success.


Legal:  “There Can Be A “U” In Sue” by Carl Hendrickson

The speaker gives an overview of certain legal remedies available to lay persons without the assistance of counsel, with emphasis on the Small Claims Court.  Presented by an attorney, it provides the audience with an insight into “self-help” to redress a grievance.


Scared Speechless:  “The Fear of Public Speaking”  by Tom Terrific

Public Speaking is the number one fear voiced by many adults. This presentation will aid the novice or the veteran speaker in overcoming nervousness and getting the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation. Free book included.


SMOKE SIGNALS; Read Them, Use Them in Order to Buy Your Next Car by George Kiser

Based on his own book, SMOKE SIGNALS, George introduces four of the unwritten rules of negotiation that can help anyone buy that new car, home or win that business contract.

Health & Wellness

Alzheimer’s Disease:  “Fading Away” by Steve Flick

The speaker, a volunteer speaker and advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association – St. Louis Chapter, will speak on the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease and other educational topics, with special emphasis on the difficulties caregivers face. The speaker will also relate his personal experiences as a caregiver.


Pornography:  “Destructive To Health” by Carl Hendrickson

Pornography is no longer found only in backrooms of bookstores in sleazy neighborhoods; it is in suburban shopping malls, slick magazines, on television, in videos and movies, on cell phones and the internet.  Pornography debases women, desensitizes men and destroys marriages.  It is not a “victimless” crime as the presenter will explain.


American and Regional History:  “American & Regional History” by Max Kaiser, Jr.

Regional historian, Max Kaiser, Jr., offers a presentation on the following historical topics:  St. Louis Regional History and Public Figures (Personalities); Historic area cemeteries, Missouri State History; American History (Civil War, WWI and WWII eras); Art and Architectural History (specify topic); Military History (specify era or military event); Jefferson Barracks (Military Post and/or National Cemetery); Veterans Issues Historical Topics; History of Noted St. Louis Area Landmarks.


Baseball: “Ole Diz” by Howard Brandt

Jay Hanna (“Dizzy”) Dean was one of the most colorful and talented players ever to put on a baseball uniform.  He grew up dirt poor and was uneducated but gained fame as a major league pitcher and radio broadcaster.  This presentation is his story.


Freedom: “The Road to Individual Freedom” by Carl Hendrickson

The speaker relates the history of the human rights documents that have served throughout history as the stepping stones to individual freedom – the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.


Historical Preservation:  “Good Heritage, Good Urban Planning, and Good Business” by Max Kaiser, Jr.

Area preservationist and historian, Max Kaiser, Jr., offers an analysis and overview of the economic, esthetic and urban design value of systematic historical preservation using three local models and two national models to show its value and  success.  “New Urbanism,” practical large-scale historic preservation and urban renewal programs are addressed. This is a fascinating topic for a luncheon or dinner meeting program and a great way to creatively imagine a developing future for urban renewal projects both great and small, in any size city or town.


Lafayette: “Hero to America” by Howard Brandt

The Marquis de Lafayette, a hero of the American Revolution, has been all but forgotten in current American history.  This presentation is about his life, including his tremendous contribution to the American war for independence and his life after his return to France.


Public Art & Sculpture:  “An Investment, A Springboard to Building & Attracting Community” by Max Kaiser, Jr.

Mr. Kaiser, with an extensive practical knowledge of sculptural, architectural and public art, shares an entertaining and informative glimpse of its importance in developing, sustaining and building community and enhancing quality-of-life and urban design concerns.  It can be done with audio-visuals or verbally only at the request of the sponsoring organization.  Public artworks used are primarily in the St. Louis area; photo examples from Kansas City and Chicago may be included by request.


St. Louis:  “The History and Cultures of Greater St. Louis”  by Max Kaiser, Jr.

The presenter, who has extensive knowledge of the greater St. Louis area, will provide an interesting and educational talk about the history and cultures that make St. Louis unique.  To understand the present and prepare for the future, one must know the history of the area.  See how we can cherish the past but move forward civically.


St. Patrick:  “The Real Story of St. Patrick” by Carl Hendrickson

Who was St. Patrick?  Did he chase the snakes out of Ireland?  Why is green the color of the Irish?  These and many other facts about St. Patrick and Ireland will be explored in this enlightening and entertaining presentation.


Uncle Tom:  “Wimp or Saint?” by Howard Brandt

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was an important book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe before the Civil War.  It is credited with changing many attitudes toward slavery.  It was so inspirational that when Abraham Lincoln met the author, he was reported to have said, “So you are the little lady who started the ‘Big War’?”


Veterans Issues:  “Why You Should Look Out for that Vet: Experience and Leadership Count” by Max Kaiser, Jr.

Today’s American Veterans offer business, education and industry a wealth of personal leadership skills, capabilities and professional knowledge.  Find out more on why hiring, empowering and relying on today’s Veterans, both male and female, is good business and good citizenship.  This informational and entertaining presentation is given by a U.S. Air Force Officer and Veteran.  Any or all branches of the service, including Coast Guard and Merchant Marine, may be included in the presentation.  Please specify your request.


Veterans:  “More Than Just a Name” by Alan Kirby

The speaker chose one soldier who fought and died for his country in World War II.  From his extensive research he brings an interesting and inspirational story to all students of history.


Growing Up Catholic and Crowded by Steve Flick

The speaker will relate his experiences growing up with eight brothers and sisters in a small ranch home in Crestwood and the effect this had – and is still having – on his adult life.

The Quiz Show by Steve Flick

The Quiz Show – A 30-45 minute audience participation trivia contest. Mainly multiple-choice questions. (And no blurting! You want everybody else to have all the answers?)


“Rip Van Winkle” by Rob Van Winkle

Having Van Winkle as a last name creates many opportunities for conversation.  This Van Winkle wants to tell you not only the history of this classic Washington Irving tale, but a bit of the history of the Van Winkle name.


Alzheimer’s Disease:  “Fading Away”  by Steve Flick

The speaker, a volunteer speaker and advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association – St. Louis Chapter, will speak on the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease and other educational topics, with special emphasis on the difficulties caregivers face. The speaker will also relate his personal experiences as a caregiver.

Civic Duty:  “Civic Involvement: The Grassroots Way to Improve Your Community” by Max Kaiser, Jr.

Today’s civic leader is no “superman,” no “larger than life” figure.  It is someone who has grown tired of simply complaining about the quality of education in the schools, the increase of lawlessness in the community or the deterioration of the neighborhood and has stepped forward to volunteer time, talent and energy.  This presentation will stress how one can improve the community by becoming “involved.”


Politics:  “Practical Politics” by Carl Hendrickson

This speech gives an overview of the American political system, throughout the various spectra of political activity – the precinct organization, candidate selection and political campaigning.  The presenter, a former member of the Missouri General Assembly stresses the importance of active citizen participation.


“Public Speaking Help”  By Jack Bettag

Nervous about giving that presentation? Maybe even terrified at the prospect?  Toastmasters International can give you a proven, successful method to overcome the #1 fear of most people, the fear of public speaking.


Is Your Password – “password?”…Tom Terrific

Learn how to create, use and manage passwords on your computer.


“Internet Security”  by Kathy Denton

Kathy presents topics concerning the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it’s potential impacts on United States companies.  Topics include: an introduction to GDPR, who it applies to, enforcement, data subject rights, controller and processor’s responsibilities and steps to plan for GDPR.


“Mysterious Crop Circles” by Jean Claire Broida

Crop circles. Do these two little words make you curious? Fearful? Skeptical? Fasten your seat belts and prepare to be amazed, as Toastmaster and Professional Presenter Jean Claire Broida leads us on a guided tour of this real, modern-day mystery!


“Do You Believe in UFOs?” by Jean Claire Broida

The subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial beings (ETs) is taboo – but why? Toastmaster and Professional Presenter Jean Claire Broida reveals highlights of the fascinating history behind UFOs/ETs in the United States since World War II. Do you believe?


“Reservations about the Federal Reserve” by Jean Claire Broida

Toastmaster and Professional Presenter Jean Claire Broida examines the history and validity of the United States Federal Reserve system to understand why there is a growing movement called “Ban the Fed” to get rid of it entirely.


“The War on Victory Gardens” by Jean Claire Broida

During World Wars I and II the United States government promoted family gardening to help feed the nation. Today, laws are being enacted to prohibit residential vegetable gardening and rain water collection. Toastmaster and Professional Presenter Jean Claire Broida shares her findings on this controversial subject.


“Civil Asset Forfeiture is Uncivilized” by Jean Claire Broida

If you’ve never heard of civil asset forfeiture, you are not alone. Yet this law lets government authorities at every level – federal, state and local – violate Americans’ civil rights. Toastmaster and Professional Presenter Jean Claire Broida reveals the shocking truth about how law enforcement agencies are profiting from exploiting a legal loophole.


Preparing for Emergency Situations…Tom Terrific
Are you prepared for the next emergency situation? That could be bad weather, no electricity, tornado, earthquake etc. Could you survive three or more days with what you have on hand?